Sanitation and Recycling

Pick-Up Schedule

Please see map for trash collection schedule.   

For large amounts of brush or large items like tree stumps, old chairs etc., the city provides a drop-off on the third Saturday of every month at 750 Ritchie Road, 7 AM until 12 Noon. Each person will have to provide a current Hewitt water bill and current driver’s license with current address. If you need a large item picked up curbside, you must call Republic Services at 1-800-860-0123, ext. 23008.

Holiday Schedule

Allied Waste Services, Hewitt’s Sanitation and Recycling Contractor, only observes three holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. Trash will be picked up on all other holidays with no changes in schedules for those weeks.

Basic Services

The City of Hewitt provides a trash and recycling cart collection program. Your basic service include the following:
  • Once a week trash collection
  • On-call fee-service for special request of bulky items by calling (800) 860-0123, ext. 23008

Important Rules for Trash Pick-Up

  • Roll your cart to the curb for collection by 7 am
  • Proper cart placement is extremely important. On your collection please roll your cart within two feet of the edge of the street by 7 am. Make sure the handles are facing your house so that when the cart is lifted, the lid opens towards the street. Please check to see that it is not obstructed by parked cars, boats, etc. The Post Master requires that the carts be placed far enough away from the mailbox so that the carrier can deliver without interference.
  • You should not put concrete, large amounts of dirt, heavy waste, hot ashes or no paints or any hazardous liquids / materials. If you wish to request an additional cart you may order by calling the Utility Department at (254) 666-3151. There will be an additional monthly charge for each additional cart. The cart is designed to hold a maximum weight of 175 pounds. All of your bagged household trash and yard waste may be disposed of in your cart. Please bag loose items to prevent littering. Everything must fit inside the cart with the lid closed.
  • Call Allied Waste at (800) 860-0123, ext. 23008 to schedule bulky item pick-ups. Please note there is a fee for this service.
  • Curbside recycling will occur on the appropriate Wednesdays per the above map.

Recycling Services

  • Please be sure to place your green recycling cart at the curb by 7 am on the appropriate Wednesday.   All recyclables can be placed together in the recycling cart.
  • Proper cart placement is extremely important. On your collection day place your cart within two feet of the edge of the street by 7 am. Make sure the handles are facing your house, so that when the cart is lifted the lid opens toward the street. Please see brochure for recycling items that are accepted or not accepted.
  • Kitchen waste, yard waste, car tires, and batteries are not acceptable for recycling.

For More Information

For any questions or concerns regarding your collection, please call (800) 860-0123, ext. 23008 and the Allied Waste Customer Service Division will be happy to assist you.