City Secretary

The City Secretary is an officer of the City appointed by the City Manager.  The position of City Secretary is a statutory position required by State law and City Charter. The City Secretary is official custodian of city records and is designated as the City's Records Management Officer.  She also serves as Elections Administrator and is responsible for the administration of all city elections.   
Responsibilities of the City Secretary include:
  • Prepare and post City Council Meeting agendas
  • Attend all City Council meetings and workshops to record the minutes of such proceedings
  • Conduct and administer all regular and special city elections
  • Publish all required legal notices of the city
  • Certify and attest to all official City documents
  • Codification of City Ordinances
  • Process public information requests
  • Process and administers claims filed against the city
  • Establish and oversee Records Management Program for all City departments to include maintenance, storage, retention, destruction, and preservations of all City documents
  • Facilitates and coordinates appointment to boards and commissions
  • Prepares departmental budget
  • Provides administrative support to mayor, council, and city staff