City Elections

The City Secretary is the Chief Election Official and is responsible for the administration of all city elections. The City of Hewitt conducts a general election on the first Saturday in May of each year. There are seven council members. Each council member serves a two-year term. In 2019, Council Members from Ward 1, Ward 2,  Ward 3, and At-Large will be elected. More information will be provided in January 2019. For questions regarding city elections, call the City Secretary at 666-6171 or email.

Click on this link Election Ward Map to find out what ward you live in. To be qualified to run for a place on the ballot, one must live in the Ward that they wish to serve; however, registered voters who live in the city of Hewitt may vote for any and all positions on the ballot. 

For past election history, view the City of Hewitt Election Register.

​runoff election information

The City is conducting a Runoff Election to be held on June 8, 2019. At the May 4 General Election, no candidate received a majority vote, therefore, a Runoff election was ordered. 

Notice of Runoff Election - June 8, 2019
Early & Election Day Voting
Sample Ballot

Campaign Finance Reports

Under Texas Election Law Chapter 254 - Political Reporting, candidates, officeholders and specific-purpose committees are required to file their campaign finance reports with the City Secretary's Office. Per the State Election Code, Section 254.063 and 254.093, Semiannual Reporting Schedule for Candidate/Officeholder, contribution and expenditure reports are due with the Office of the City Secretary by 5 p.m., on their respective due date. For specific reporting requirements and filing deadlines, you can contact the Texas Ethics Commission at (512) 463-5800 or the Office of the City Secretary at 254-296-5602.

Campaign Finance Reports Filed by Council Members and Candidates