Basic Animal Laws in Hewitt

• All cats and dogs within the city have to be registered with the city
-To register pet(s), it must be current on its rabies vaccination. Bring a copy of the current rabies certificate (issued by your vet) to the Hewitt Police Department Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. The cost to register pets is $10 for up to two animals, and then $2 for each additional animal. ($10 for two, $12 for three, ect) Please remember, when your rabies vaccination expires, that is also when your city registration expires. Keep in mind, the City of Hewitt only accepts cash or check for pet registrations.

• All cats and dogs need to be spayed / neutered
-All pets over 4 months of age within the City of Hewitt are required to be spayed or neutered. The only exception is if a veterinarian certifies an animal cannot be fixed due to health reasons.

• All cats and dogs need to have a current rabies vaccination
-Not only is it a city ordinance that all pets have to be vaccinated for rabies, it is also state law. Pet vaccinations are due either annually, or every 3 years. Speak with your vet to decide what is right for your pet.

• All cats and dogs need to be micro-chipped
-All pets need to be microchipped. Microchips are essential to make sure that if your dog or cat is lost, they can be returned to you if found. Wearing tags are great as well, but animal control comes across too many situations where a cat or dog will pull of their collar and the tags go with it. A microchip, along with updated contact information can help ensure you get your pet back if they are lost.

• Animals cannot be chained/restrained in a manner in which they could get tangled.

• All animals need to be provided with proper food, water, and shelter

• Animals should always have access to proper food and water. Please keep in mind dirty/hot water in the summer does not qualify for proper water. Dogs should have a shelter that can block wind and rain, and be big enough that they can move around in it. Remember, a “pet carrier” is not proper shelter.

• Animals cannot be left outside unattended by restraint under extreme weather conditions (heat advisory, cold advisory)

• Dogs cannot be at large within the city

• Any dog found to be off the property of its owner can and will be impounded. Animal Control will make every attempt to return the canine to its owner.

• Animals cannot defecate on property not belonging to or under the control of its owner.

If you have any other questions, contact the Hewitt Animal Control Officer Douglas at 254-666-1661 or