Neighborhood Watch


Neighborhood Watch Program

The Hewitt Police Department is looking for a few good neighbors. The department would like to see every neighborhood have it’s own watch group. Its easy to do, it just takes one interested person to get all the neighbors on your block together one night for a short meeting. Hewitt Police officers will come to the meeting and instruct the group on how to put together the neighborhood watch group for your block.


The advantages of having a neighborhood watch group are numerous. These advantages include:
  • Getting to know you neighbors
  • Having “Neighborhood Watch” signs posted on both ends of your block
  • Reducing crime
  • Safe houses for the children on your block
  • And many more

Neighborhoods with working watch groups have been proven to have less random crime than non-watch neighborhoods. This is due to several factors, but mainly because your neighbors are trained to properly watch the neighborhood.

If you are interested in forming a neighborhood watch group, or in getting more information, please call Assistant Chief Saunders at 254-666-6272 or email at