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Creekside Amphitheater at Warren Park

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Amphitheater Reservation Fee: $150 per hour/4 hours minimum. Packages are also available for events lasting more than one day.

Creekside Amphitheater at Warren Park offers a gorgeous outdoor setting for concerts, weddings, private parties, theatrical performances, church services, and much more.  


Creekside Amphitheater is located in Warren Park at 450 South Old Temple Road.  The surrounding park offers 36 acres of land that features mature trees, open green space, and a nearby pavilion.  Castleman Creek creates a beautiful backdrop as the northern border of Warren Park and runs directly behind the Amphitheater.  The unique architecture of the facility compliments the surrounding natural area and makes an impressive statement to park visitors.   


The facility will be able to host a variety of mid-sized concerts, performances, and events, but is charming enough to accommodate small, private gatherings.  Seating is comprised of forty-two stone benches that can comfortably seat more than 120 people.  A large concrete apron in front of the stage allows for the placement of folding chairs or other seating during small events like weddings.  For large, informal events, guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets.  Grassy areas near the facility will allow renters to set up large tents for receptions or private dinners. 

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