Defendant's request for Credit Time Served

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Did you know?  You may be eligible for Credit caused by “Time Served” if you were incarcerated while serving a sentence for another offense if the confinement occurred after the commission of the misdemeanor for which the defendant is now being sentenced. If approved, this credit will be applied toward the balance owed to the court in a case.

To be eligible for Credit Time Served on a Class C warrant from the Hewitt Municipal Court, the case(s) the defendant must have been in warrant or must currently be in warrant.


To consider your request, the Court requires the following:

  1. A plea of either guilty or nolo contendere (no contest) in the case(s) for which you are seeking jail credit.
  • The offense for which you are incarcerated;
  • The specific name of the facility and location where you were/are incarcerated;
  • When you began your incarceration; and
  • The date your incarceration is scheduled to end.

Texas Code of Criminal Procedure - CRIM P Art. 42A.559. Credits for Time Served

(c) A judge:

  1. may credit against any time a defendant is required to serve in a state jail felony facility time served in a county jail from the time of the defendant's arrest and confinement until sentencing by the trial court; and
  2. shall credit against any time a defendant is required to serve in a state jail felony facility time served before sentencing in a substance abuse felony punishment facility operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice under Section 493.009, Government Code, or other court-ordered residential program or facility as a condition of deferred adjudication community supervision, but only if the defendant successfully completes the treatment program in that facility.

If you wish to request Credit for Time Served, please fill out and return a completed form to our office using the document below, along with any additional documentation provided to you of your current incarceration or upon your release, for consideration.

Motion for Credit Time Served